Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October 6th, 2014

Hello all!

    Sorry about the letter last week. My ride got here early and we had to leave before I got the chance to write the email. I wrote it out and sent it to my mom, so hopefully you were able to read it.
  Anyway, I hope you all had a good week. Our week was pretty good! General Conference is always a good time! There is lots to be learned from those men of God. One thing that struck me was President Monson talking about the Bismark in I think the Priesthood session. We all need to remember our purpose. Our bodies are masterpieces made by God, but if we don’t use them for the right purpose then nothing can come from it. 
Well, onto the investigators.

    J and J are getting baptized on the 18th! It will be my first baptism! I don't know if I get to baptize or confirm either of them yet, they haven't picked yet, but it's the first baptism I'll be a part of on my mission. It took them two years, but they're finally ready. They decided to stop worrying about others thought about them and do what they know to be right. Bishop Borders went over with us and just told them very boldly that they need to pray to have the faith to take a leap of faith to be baptized. It was really interesting, but it makes sense. We can pray to have stronger faith.

    L. We haven't been able to really contact her at all. We found out she has mental issues, which makes things tough. So we'll keep trying to contact her and figure things out. Not sure what’s going to happen there.

    A. She won't respond to us. She won't answer or return our calls and texts. She doesn't want to pay tithing and she's still having a really hard time with smoking. We are having a lesson this Thursday with her and we're going to tell her that she either needs to start progressing or we need to give her some time. We'll see how that goes. We’re really hoping she starts to progress again.

    The last one is G. I've gotten to be really good friends with him. However, he still hasn't come to church. He was going to come to conference, but he said the morning session was to early and then he didn't want to sit for two hours. So we're just going to try to get him to church next Sunday. It's tough, because we want to help him, but he doesn't really want to do anything about it. I was on exchanges with Elder Christenson on Wednesday and we stopped by and he was home alone, so we got to teach him the first lesson while it was quiet and peaceful. It went really well, but then we weren't able to get him to conference. Hopefully something will come of church next week. It just kind of sucks because the afternoon session on Sunday would have been perfect for him to hear. Oh well, just got to keep working.

    Alrighty, sorry there's not much this week. We just don't have too many people that we're teaching. Hope all is well for everyone! Love ya all!

Elder Williams

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