Saturday, August 30, 2014

13 August 2014 - I was pleased to welcome your son, Elder Williams to the Washington Spokane Mission this week.

13 August 2014
Dear Sister Williams,

I was pleased to welcome your son, Elder Williams to the Washington Spokane Mission this week. I’m happy to report that he arrived safely. I had the privilege of meeting and associating with him the day of his arrival and note that it is evident that he comes with a great desire to serve Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Elder Williams understands the role of the Holy Ghost in accomplishing the work here in the Washington Spokane Mission and has committed to live worthy of that power.

After prayerful consideration, I have called Elder Silver to serve as Elder Williams’s companion in the Spokane Washington area. It is our objective to call only the best missionaries to serve as trainers and I believe that your son is in excellent training hands. We expect that your missionary will serve in this area for the next 6 to 12 weeks as he begins his mission.

I have enclosed photographs of your missionary and assure you that Sister Mullen and I will love Elder Williams. Our great desire is that his time here will further establish him on the path of righteousness, as well as bless the many people he will serve.

Attached are the new updated recommended guidelines we have for parents. These guidelines are based on many years of accumulated missionary experience, especially those guidelines concerning personal contact with your missionary. Elder Williams needs your good example. I sincerely request that you consider them for the benefit of your son and his fellow missionaries.

The mission has a website where you can see what is happening in the mission. Go to:

You can send mail to your son at:

Elder Alex Williams
Spokane, WA
Thank you so much for sharing Elder Williams with us. 


Donald E. Mullen, President

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