Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday August 25th - First off, this week was rough.

   First off, this week was rough. There are two companionships in my ward. One of the elders, Elder Groll, in the other companionship is going home tomorrow because of anxiety issues. He's prayed and prayed about it and they've going home is the best option for him. One person he baptized a couple weeks ago told him he was needed at home more than in Washington. He's an amazing missionary, but he's been fighting anxiety attacks for the six months that he's been out...and this is the second time he's had to go home for that reason. He started in Brazil, had to go home for eight months, and now has been here for six. So I've been in a tripanionship this week. Elder Christenson came with us while Elder Groll was in the valley with a member who is a psychiatrist. It's been interesting. My companion, Elder Silver, and Elder Christenson didn't get along too well, so I've kind of been the mediator. It's been interesting. That's all I have to say about that.

     Ashley, one of our investigators, is doing alright. Her roommate MJ was riding a mini motorcycle and he got hit by a car. The car hit him, ran over him, and then drove away. Super scary. He broke his femur, shoulder, and has two huge gashes with staples and road rash everywhere. I think I talked about him last week, but he drinks a lot and smokes a ton of weed (the smell of weed is everywhere in Washington). But he's in the hospital now. We got to go give him a blessing and it was a good experience. It sounds strange to say, but I think this is what both he and Ashley need. By the way, MJ is married and Ashley is living with them, so there are no law of chastity issues. Anyway, he is in the hospital for about three weeks, and they can't smoke in the hospital, so this is the perfect chance for them to stop. MJ is getting closer and closer and Ashley just needs to stop smoking. But I think this may be the point where MJ realizes that God is telling him he needs to change his life, because he's right there. It was an unfortunate accident, but they said if he wasn't wearing a helmet he would be dead. So we stressed to him that he is here for a reason. I think this is bad short term, but good in the long run. We'll see.

     Some other investigators, Joanne and her autistic sister Jackie, will probably be put on date this week. I'm super stoked for them. She's very nice to me because I opened up with her the first time I met with her (it was the day after I got to Washington) and told her I was scared. She's been awesome to me ever since. 

     Ok, so this is what I really wanted to talk about. I've been struggling. Missions are hard. It's no secret. I've just been really thinking about home a lot and it's just been tough. I knew I couldn't come home, but I was struggling a lot. So last Monday Elder Groll was at our apartment and he saw the talk "Doors of Death" on my desk and he was like "You gonna commit suicide on us?" Just joking around. So I told him about Jayboy. All I said was that my uncle died and that I was close to him. That's all he knows about Jayboy. And Elder Groll didn't know I was having a tough time with the mission either. But last night his companion asked him for a blessing and after that blessing Elder Groll looked at me and said "I feel impressed to ask you if you want a blessing. Do you?" I was going to say no, but I thought about it and I said yes. I have to tell you, Elder Groll has a talent for giving blessings. He is so in tune with the Spirit. It's truly amazing. So he gave me a blessing. Wow. So one of the last things Jayboy told me was that, if Heavenly Father would let him, he would be with me on my mission. I've already felt him, but in the blessing Elder Groll said, "Your Father in Heaven has allowed your uncle to be with you on your mission." Boom. That was the first amazing thing. So again, I have not told Elder Groll that I've been having a tough time. In the blessing he said, "Alex, as you are struggling and preparing to quit, you need to know that your Father in Heaven is proud of you, your uncle is proud of you, your family is proud of you, your loved ones are proud of you, your future wife is proud of you, and your future children, who are still in heaven, are proud of you." It was unreal. It was one of the most amazing blessings I have ever gotten. And then he kept telling me I was here because I have amazing potential as a missionary. He said a lot more, but that's what stuck out to me the most. Then, to top that off, after the blessing he turned to me and said "I just feel impressed again to tell you that your uncle helped me give you that blessing. He was there. I could feel him. I hope you could too." It was such an amazing experience. Priesthood blessings are real! They are so amazing!

     Well, that was my week. Pretty crazy. It's still hard, but after that blessing I know that I have to put absolutely everything into my mission and if I do the blessings that come from it will be incomprehensible. I miss and love you all! Talk to you soon!

Elder Williams

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