Monday, September 8, 2014

September 2, 2014 - Alrighty, another week is over.

  Alrighty, another week is over. The days drag on forever, but the weeks go pretty fast. We only have the two investigators and neither of them are really progressing, but we're working on them. Ashley is still smoking and Joanne is worried about what her family will think if she gets baptized. Kind of dumb. However, there's a kid, Geno, who is a junior in high school and he lives in Ashley's apartment. Her roommates are Geno's mom and step dad. He's my goal. I want to get him baptized. The more we are over there the more he listens and seems intrigued. He plays football, so I started talking to him about just football, no gospel, just to build that trust. Then I'll find a way to relate it to the gospel and get into it later. I think he's ready.  Anyway, MJ, the guy who got hit on the motorcycle is doing a lot better. He's actually Geno's step dad. He was supposed to be in the hospital for over a month, but he's coming home this week. The blessing worked. 

   Other than that not much has really happened. It's hard to get a ton done when we have to cover two areas that are huge and we don't have a car. We walk so much. So much. But it's good. I enjoy walking actually. We just talk to people we see on on the streets. It's interesting. So a "lesson" is a principle taught, an invitation extended, and a prayer said. And we're told to teach lessons for quantity, not quality. Super weird to me. So most of our lessons are like three minutes long and we really don't have too many of them. I've been here for three weeks and we've had two set appointments the entire time. I don't know, it's just kind of strange to me. 

     Well, other than that there really isn't much to talk about. I'll be out of the tripanionship, which I've just gotten used to, tomorrow. It'll finally be "normal," if that's possible on a mission. 

     Oh yeah! I need to tell you about Bill! He's probably in his seventies and he's divorced. He's the party guy of the ward and sometimes crude and inappropriate. Sometimes he gets out of hand and we have to tell him to tone it down, but for the most part it's not too bad. He's hilarious and he kind of keeps the missionaries down to earth. He's strange though. He gets offended really easily and he was pretty much inactive, but he's so good to the missionaries. He gives us rides everywhere, he brings us food (he's brought us ice cream once a week every week I've been here), and last night he took us to Dairy Queen. However, he told us the other day he sent the signed letter saying he wants his name taken off the records of the church. Apparently he's done that a few times.  I don't know. He's a pretty good guy, but just interesting. But he's super funny. 

     So that's about it. We're going downtown today, so I'll send some pictures next week. Love ya all!

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