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September 15, 2014 - Well hello everyone!

September 15, 2014


     Well hello everyone! It was good to read all the emails from all of you! I love them! They are definitely the best part of my P day! And today things have been dumb. We went to a community center to email (like we usually do), had enough time to send one email, and then the internet stopped working. So we waited for like 45 minutes and it never started working so we finally left and went to the church. So I'm finally emailing! Haha I'm just happy I get to email.

     Ok, so I'll talk a little bit about the week before I get to investigators. On Tuesday we got our haircuts at a cosmetology school. They were only $3.50....if that tells you anything. They were terrible. The guy doing my hair cut the sides to where it's almost bald. Haha it's pretty funny, but once I put some gel or something in it it doesn't look too bad. Haha but never again will we go there for haircuts.  I don't have pictures of after the haircuts and if I did I wouldn't send them! Haha but I have some pictures of some stuff we did last P day that I'll send in a minute.

     We also had a day of service this week. It was something our ward put on. We went to the Euclid Apartments, which is where Ashley lives, and cleaned them up a little. They are the dirtiest and nastiest apartments ever, but we made them look a little bit better. We planted some shrubs, weeded, trimmed, edged, and put down some grass seed. It was a good time!

     A.M. - She hasn't smoked for five days, which is awesome, but she hasn't been coming to church, so she's back off date. She can no longer be baptized this transfer, so hopefully I get to stay so I can see her baptism!

     L.C. - She called us on the phone last week and we went and visited her this week. She's insane. Super crazy! But she knows that Christ is her Savior and that she needs to be baptized! She's gone through some tough things. Her daughter, who is addicted to meth and heroine, tried to kill her. Her husband was abusive and stole from her. But she's a good lady. She told us how she has visions and how when she lived in Seattle she could meet someone for the first time and know everything about them. And then she told Sister T (a sister who came with us) that her (Sister T) children would all be members before Easter. So that was kind of weird. But she's on date for October 25, which is awesome!

     J and J. They are ready to be baptized and they told us so. We haven't set a date for them yet, but they want to be baptized. They're doing awesome! I think they drink tea and coffee, but they said they would stop! So that's awesome! They should be baptized within a few weeks, hopefully before the transfer ends. They're great ladies and they are so good to us.

     So that does it for our investigators, but I thought I would give an update on G. So we went on exchanges with the other elders in our ward from Friday to Saturday. I was with Elder C in the south part of the ward, which is the area I am always in. Elder C is awesome and we came to Washington at the same time. He's super chill and so I told him, "Let's go visit the people at the Euclid Apartments." He thought it was a good idea. So then I said, "You know G. You will let me do this, but Elder S (my companion) probably wouldn't, so I'm going to do it with you. I'm going to challenge G to a one on one game." He was like "YES! THAT'S SUCH A GOOD IDEA!" So I put on my crappy dress shoes and a dirty short sleeved white shirt and I was like, "I feel like I'm lacing up for a game again. This is weird." And Elder C was like, "You are lacing up for a game, just in dress clothes." So we headed up there. We decided that I would tell G that if he won I wouldn't bother him about the church and if I won he had to listen to what I had to say about it. We were both so pumped. Well we showed up and G, whose family is really poor, doesn't have a basketball. AHHH!!!!!! So I came up with another idea on the spot. I said, "Alright G, I'm going to go buy a basketball and we'll play. If you win then I'll give you the basketball, but if I win then you have to come to church with me." And he said he would! We shook on it and everything! So I bought a basketball today and I think we'll be going over there tonight! I'm so excited! When I play him I'll get a picture so you can see him. He's such a good kid. And he's going to be at church next Sunday. I hope I still have a little bit of playing skills in me! I'm just so excited for that!

     Well, that's about it! We had a ward barbecue on Friday and that was fun. Oh! It's gotten so cold. It was like just this week that it's been really cold, but it should be warmer this week. I'm not really looking forward to the winters...haha but it will be good. Thanks again for everything! I love ya all!

Elder Williams

 This is a goat that is really a vacuum that sucks up trash.

And this is a clock tower. Both of them are in downtown Spokane.

You may have noticed I am only doing initials, just to be respectful of the people Alex is writing about.  

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